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Ultron (ULX) is a once in a life time opportunity, a revolutionary Layer1 blockchain eco-system which offers unlimited reward opportunities for crypto and non-crypto users. It is similar to Binance, Cardano, Polkerdot, Solana, Fantom etc. It is highly scalable, Secure, Ethereum Compatible, Instant transactions, Attractive APY and Low transaction fees.

Step 1: Register

  1. “Click Here
  2. Click “Create Account” Button
  3. Read trough the terms and conditions and click “I Agree”
  4. Type In The Email You Want To Use (It has to be a email you have access to)
  5. Make a password (Needs to be 1 Uppercase Letter + Special Letter + Number + Min. 8 Characters)
  6. Fill in your personal information
    • Gender
    • Username
    • First & Last name
    • Adress

Step 2 (Needed For Cashout)


Step 3 (How Buy Ultron ULX Staking Hubs)

What you need to do on mavie:
  1. Go to Your Mavie Account and Click Staking Hubs Located on The Left Side Of Your Screen
  2. Select the Staking Hub You Want To Buy
  3. Click Buy With Thether (USDT)
  4. Under Network Select Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
  5. Click The I understand and I want to see the wallet address Box & Create Order
binance Account & Buying HUBS:
  1. Make a Binance Account By Clicking Here
  2. Verify Your ID on Your Binance Account
  3. Once Your ID Is Comfirmet go to Wallet (Located on the top right of the screen) And Click Fiat and Spot
  4. Then Search For USDT (TetherUS & Click Buy
  5. Make Sure Under the SPEND tab you select USD & under the receive tab you Selecet USDT ThetherUS
  6. Make Sure to type in a higher amount then what the staking hub costs due to fees (Exaple: If you want to buy 500 USDT Staking hub you should put 560 in the spend tab)
  7. Choose a payment method & Verify the payment
  8. Once You have received Your USDT Under WalletFiat and Spot Locate ThetherUS and Click Withdraw
  9. On the select Coin tab select USDT ThetherUS
  10. Then head over to Mavie Locate your order and copy/paste the address from Your Mavie Order to Binance
  11. Under Network Select BNB Smart Chain (BEP20)
  12. Under Withdraw amount Type the same amount on your Mavie Order but with .29 behind, Due To Fees. Example: 300.29, 500.29 Ect.
  13. Then Click Withdraw. (Withdrawals Usally take up to 5min to show up on Mavie)

Congrats on buying your first staking hub & Joining our Team!


(Grow Your Team)

(Becoming a Qualified partner & team structure)

Learning about bonuses

step 7. understanding team placement

Don`t Make these mistakes:

Click Here To Join Our Team!

If you there are anything you are unsure off or need to know don`t hessitate to Leave a comment with any questions.

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Mavie`s Telegram News Chat:

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